Are Sodium Batteries The Game-Changer For Residential Solar Energy Storage?

Are Sodium Batteries The Game-Changer For Residential Solar Energy Storage?

How Do Sodium Batteries (SiBs) Fit Household Energy Storage?

Sodium-ion batteries (SiBs) are suitable for residential solar energy storage, portable energy storage. Sodium-ion batteries (SiBs) have the advantages in the field of residential solar energy storage:


1. Safer.

The chemical properties of sodium batteries are stable, and sodium ions will not burn on their own. Compared with lithium batteries, which will be charged in overcharged and low-temperature environments, resulting in internal crystallization and reaction with oxygen, sodium batteries are not afraid of overcharge, are very resistant to low temperatures, and can remain stable under extreme conditions, so they are not easy to spontaneously combust and are safer.


2. Low-temperature performance.

Ahe capacity remains 70% at -40°C, which is more suitable for residential energy storage outdoor installation. Especially in Northern Europe, Canada, the United States, Russia and other regions, sodium battery household energy storage systems can be used normally outdoors.


3. Fast charging and discharging-3C.

The discharge rate of sodium-ion batteries is better than that of LFP batteries. The solvation energy of sodium ions is lower than that of lithium ions, which means that they have better interfacial ion diffusion capacity; at the same time, the electrolyte of the same concentration has a higher ionic conductivity than the lithium salt electrolyte. Therefore, the sodium ion battery has better rate performance, stronger power output and acceptance capacity.

4. Consistency.

Especially suitable for application such as household storage.

5Environmental,Abundance and Cost-Effectiveness.


Sodium is far more abundant and cheaper than lithium. Sodium-ion batteries use more environmentally friendly materials, such as iron and manganese for electrodes, which are plentiful and uncontroversial.

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