Solar Panel Production Process

Solar Cell Sorting

1. Appearance:Whether there are lobes, missing corners, broken grid, etc.;
2. Color: Classification of batteries with similar colors

Solar Cell Welding

Weld the welding strip and the main grid line of the battery piece together;
Weld the front battery of the battery piece to the back electrode of the other battery piece to form a battery string


1. Tempered Glass
2. EVA (buffer, seismic, heat insulation, moisture-proof)
3. Solar Cell String
4. Backplane (insulation, water resistance, aging resistance)
4 samples are laminated together

Middle Test

Detect whether there are hidden cracks, black chips, dark chips, Broken grid, broken plate, low efficiency plate, over – cutting, positive and negative electrode connection and other problems


Vacuum, heat, melt EVA,
Glue the battery, glass, and back plate together


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